Want a coffee?

Of course you do. Like most Australians, you probably can’t get enough. A takeaway coffee in the morning sun is one of life’s little joys. But there’s no joy in Australia’s growing landfill problem, and however much we love our coffee, all those disposable coffee cups are not doing our planet any favours. In fact, there’s a big old dollop of guilt in every takeaway latte – even the skinny ones – because we all know that single-use cups are not a sustainable option. Enter EYWA (pronounced AY-wa) – bringing you a takeaway cup that won’t end up in landfill.


We're Starting a Revolution

Don’t give up coffee, give up cups.
EYWA: bringing you the takeaway cup that won’t end up in landfill.

Here's How It Works

Enjoy coffee the EYWA way and keep disposable packaging out of landfill


When you order your takeaway coffee, skip the single-use and request an EYWA cup instead. You’ll pay a $5 deposit (you’ll get it back, don’t worry).


Drink your coffee from your EYWA cup. It’s leakproof and comes with a lid, so no spills.


You can swap your EYWA cup for a fresh one, or keep the one you’ve got. And when you return the cup and lid to any EYWA partner café you’ll get your five bucks back!

Join the EYWA revolution. Become a partner or nominate your local café today!

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